Fellowship from the Cambridge dictionary is a group or an organization with the same purpose.

The word fellowship is from the Greek word “koinonia” which means to share in common or to commune.

To have true fellowship with Christ, we need to be AUTHENTIC. Authentic in the sense that, we need to fully open up our hearts and bring out what ever feelings that’s stored in there.

We need to be real with Him at any point of our lives and put aside pride. For pride only builds up walls whiles humility builds up bridges.

We also need to have that much trust in Him and obey every bit of His WORD.

Believe you me, He’s the only one who can’t disappoint us because its not a part of Him, its not His nature and its our TRUST and OBEDIENCE that can maintain that fellowship with Him.

We are to build up that intimacy with Him such that, we can never do without Him and this can be done through effective COMMUNICATION ( worship, praying ,thanksgiving among others). This should be key in our fellowship with Him.

In our walk with Him, we should always be patience, for patience wins and the race of life is not always about how fast our legs can carry us but how well we can work to get to the appointed place at the appointed time.

When fellowship got broken, Jesus restored it back by means of His death and resurrection and true fellowship with God is through our spirits and not our flesh. That’s why John went ahead to say “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH”.

Our level of fellowship with God depends on how much of Him we have discovered; that is, our knowledge of Him, His divine nature, His kingdom, His power, His love, His wisdom and a whole lot.

God is ever ready to fellowship with us to the highest degree.




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