​And just as i was taking a stroll with this friend of mine,i realised i really am missing out,wasting too much time and also wasting my gifts.

I began to recollect everything that was said to me by the people God placed in my life to help me and my ministry grow.

I decided to initiate certain actions and or behaviors.

I decided to improve in the aspect that i needed to and to also mind my choices of words since they carry power and will either build or collapse my future. 

My whole point is, i decided to REDEDICATE my life to CHRIST.

I personnally believe that, Rededicating ones life to CHRIST is a concept we must really look into in this our modern Christian culture.

Rededication is simply a decision made by a Christian who has fallen away from the principles or ways of Christ and is now ready and willing to turn back to CHRIST and fellowship with Him.

It’s to be noted that, consciously and continually falling away everytime and returning to God isn’t how the Christian walk should be like. We aren’t supposed to abuse or take the grace and love of God for granted.

It hurts; yes…but God still hopes and look forward to the day that we will finally recognize and  understand the purpose of the cross in our lives.

Most Christians rededicate their lives after every sin,forgetting that habitual sinning is a very important issue that needs to be dealt with in a different way other than rededicating their lives over and over again.

In this case,they need to not conform their selves to the standard of this world but to daily renew their minds with the word of God which will help them know what’s good and acceptable and will also help them understand the grace and love of God that has been made available to us all.

Of course, rededication is a vital tool that needs to be taken into consideration whenever we realise our fellowship with God has been shallow or we’ve been convicted of any sin.

I always tell myself, me having a true relationship with God can never be too late. Its Better late than never.

I encourage each and everyone to take this bold step and give his or herself another chance with God. Remember,its never too late.

I use this platform to thank God for the lives of those who are always willing to keep me on track and push me to a higher height both spiritually and physically. Among them are my lovely Teacher Franklin, Prophet Zack,Soulja,General Pious,Mr.Johnson O. Okineye,the Lovi family and the C-Chisom family. 

I bless God for their lives and for making them a part of my life.

Gloooooory be to God.

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