“Now am ready to marry any man that comes my way”….this has been the recent saying of almost all aging ladies across the world.

The alarming rate of “i must marry”, which has eaten deep into the nations fabric has become a piece of conversation in all households, market places, churches etc needs much to be desired.

Many a times since we fail to discover our PURPOSE, we automatically also fail to know when is the right time to get married. Aside this reason,most of us(especially ladies) are so selective and material conscious that we tend to reject almost every guy that comes our way. For some,its because the other party lacks certain traits in them or isn’t rich, handsome or beautiful or also do not have what guys will term as curves(sexy). others also still are single because of certain behaviors they portray which needs to be improved.

Due to these reasons,we tend to miss out most blessings that comes with marriages and that’s when we start singing our anthem,“Now am ready to marry any man that comes my way or i will accept what ever person God gives me” but we must realise that marriage is for us to enjoy not to endure. All the i want this,i want that most at times boils down to the fact that we still haven’t been able to acknowledged or accepted what really is our PURPOSE for being created.

Once our PURPOSE has been discovered, we automatically find answers to certain questions and even WHO it is and WHEN we are to marry. As ministers of God, we just can not marry anyone because our destinies are linked to the people we get married to;Its not about physical beauty anymore but about destinies.

Most ladies therefore in the quest to get married or find themselves life partners tend to dress in a funny way which they term as “SEXY”. No one is saying looking good is bad but should our definition of looking good be exposing of our bodies to seduce and attract the opposite sex? No No No. One thing i know for sure is that,no man in his right senses will ever want to marry or be committed to such a lady. Its to be noted that, faeces  only attracts houseflies.

I believe that its the lack of knowledge about who we are and our PURPOSE that makes us miss our MARITAL BUS and when it seems too late for us, we tend to run after any available bus we see. There is still a better way even though it might seem or look too late but we must bare in mind that no matter how long we’ve been on a wrong path,its never too late to turn back. I always deal in a “better late than never” affair. Once there is GOD, there is hope. The only best available option is to seek the face of GOD,commune with Him and hear what HE is saying.

No matter how long its been since we missed our marriage bus due to our characters, once we acknowledge our mistakes and seek God, we will be able to find HIM and to also join the moving bus.

Always remember its about destiny not beauty or material things.




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